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1-General Rules

A period of five minutes will be granted to a team to come on the ice. If it did not come after this delay win will go to the opposing team after the call of the referee. The game will be earned 1 - 0.

The first period of the game is ten minutes stop time. The second and third period are two periods of fifteen minutes stop time.

The frozen surface will be done each two (2) periods of game will be supplemented is in the same game or by twinning with another game.

The local team must satisfy requirements of the officials concerning the colour of jerseys used for a game, happening case where the colours of jerseys could hit in confusion. Therefore, it is the local team which will have to change jerseys, if necessary.

A penalty shot called by the referee will be made as in a regular game.

The coach, the manager or quite other civil person, behind players bench, who sees herself awarding a penalty of game misconduct by an official while the game is under way or ended, will be automatically ejected from the game and suspended for the following game.

During his expulsion, the coach, the manager or quite other civil person, will have to leave the bench, the ice rink and the amphitheater; if he does not make it, he will be banned from tournament.

The rules of Hockey Quebec, with slapshot and without contact, will be in force.

As soon as there is a difference of six goals during a game, the time is not anymore timed for the rest of the game and it even if difference returns lower to six goals.

Every team should have two goalers dressed for the game. A delay of five minutes will be granted to dress another goalie. No player will be able to replace the goalie without being dressed with goaler's complete equipment, in accordance with the regulations of Hockey Quebec.

The team which will not have goaler will be able to play with six players but if the referee awards a penalty shot, a goal will be automatically granted.

The rule "to fall on the puck" are completely applied.

Any player who has drank alcohol will not be tolerated on the ice rink.

The captain and/or his helpers only have the right to talk with the referee.

Only five persons in civilian will be authorized to set up in the players bench during a game. If there is offence, the referee will notify the team to conform and, happening a refusal, he will clamp down by awarding a penalty of bench.

In the course of a game, a maximum of nineteen players will be allowed, including the goalers. These players and goalers will have to be part of the list of the registered players (Line-up) before the first game. To start a game, will be needed a minimum of six players, including the goaler.

According to the cleaning of the ice, only the players who have to start the period will have to be on the ice on the way back, all the others will have to be on the bench.

The authorities of tournament and the representative of the referees can decide together to intervene and to correct a situation which would cause a detriment in one of the teams during a tournament game.

Before playing their first game, every team will have to meet the representative of the officials to consult regulations and schedule of the game which will be applied during the THPPQ.

No change or modification of rules or of schedule will be allowed after the beginning of the first game of each class.

No timeout will be permitted in all classes of the tournament during the preliminary round. During the semi-finale and the finale a 30 seconds time out will be allow to each team. These time-out can't be taken during the same stoppage of play.


2-Ranking in the preliminary round 

No overtime period during the preliminary round, except Police techniques class.

The final ranking is determined by the number of points accumulated by each team; a win gives two points, a draw gives a point and a loss gives zero. If a team does not show up, the game is won 1-0 and gives two points to the adversary.

Tie breaker:

If there is equality in the classification between several teams, the classification is determined according to following criteria:

1) The biggest number of wins

2) The smaller numbers losses

3) Result of the game between teams in causes (win)

4) The best differential (total of goals for minus goals against)

5) The first goal scored in the game between the teams in question

6) The first quickest goals scored in all games played by teams in questions

7) Drawing

In the classes of eight teams and more: both teams of every division having combined most points pass in semi-final, that is the first of a division against the second of the other division.

In the classes of six teams: four teams having combined most points pass in semi-final, that is one against four and two against three.

In the classes of four teams: both teams having combined most points pass in finale. To note that the direction of tournament reserves the right to change the schedule of some classes, if it judges that the new schedule perhaps more equitable and more favourable for all the teams registered in this class.


3-Rule of overtime

There will be an additional period of five minutes stop time in three against three except the goalkeeper.

As soon as a goal is scored, the game comes to an end immediately.

If there is equality still, we will undertake a shootout of three players for every team. If score is still equal, a palyerg will be added on each side until there is a winning.

All shootout must be made by different players.

If there is penalty during the period of five minutes of overtime, the rules of hockey Quebec are applied.

There cannot be less than three players on the ice when two penalties overlap for the same team.

In the second penalty, the opposing team will add a player up to a maximum of five players.

For the period of overtime, teams have not to change ends of the ice rink.


4 - Tournament responsabilities

The organisation of tournament will not be responsible for accidents, losses of property or others who could happen to the players, coaches or other persons.

All acts of vandalism caused by a player, which can result in costs to the lessor will be paid by the player’s team

Any player of a team cannot stop the puck inside the imaginary line, three feet of the band and on the whole ice surface. A penalty for delay of game can occurs.


5 - Protective helmet and protects neck

Wearing a helmet (full face) and the neck protector approved "CSA" is mandatory for all players as specified in the rules of safety in sports Régie du Québec (SHNQ). A player may wear the half-visor, but he will sign the disclaimer form before the first game and give it to the clerk of the Registrar with the line-up. The grid-type "Tretiak" is no longer tolerated except for the goaler. However, the latter will have to sign, too, the disclaimer form before the start of the first game and return it to the Registrar attendant.

NB: If the form has not been submitted, the referee will award a two-minute penalty to the offending player and the tournament via the disciplinary committee, reserves the right to punish the offender more severely. The disclaimer form for the half visor and grid type "Tretiak" that will be signed before the start of the first game, is valid for the duration of the tournament. The player who does not sign the disclaimer form in the first game and will play in the following games of the tournament with half visor or grid type "Tretiak" (goaler only) must also sign the form.

It is the responsibility and obligation of the head of the team to advise and ensure that all players sign the disclaimer form. The form, available on the website, must be completed and signed by the player concerned and delivered by the leader of the team to the Registrar before the first game. These forms will also be provided to him before the first game. If a player suffered a serious injury and has not signed and returned the Release Form, the team leader who will bear the responsibility for prosecution. Note that there will be zero tolerance on this. If a player has no visor or neck protector, he cannot play his game. Even the temperature is high in the arena or that are no more in stores, it is the player's responsibility to have the required protective equipment. Please advise your players.

The visor must be worn correctly. If this is not the case, there will be a warning by the referee. On the second occasion, the player will be given a minor penalty. On the third occasion, the player will be ejected from the game We want to avoid seeing a player with his visor raised above eye or even headphones. It is the same with the neck protector. It must be approved "CSA" and must be properly worn on the neck, if not the same penalties that apply to the visor. We do not want to "turtleneck" as a neck protector, neck protector or connected by a rope which hang like a necklace, 10 cm below the neck. This is a safety issue for you and a liability issue for the organizers of the tournament.

 No fight will be tolerated. Any player involved in a fight will be ejected from the game. If the instigator or aggressor is determined by the referee, the offending player will be referred to the discipline committee of the "THPPQ " to study and be suspended or future tournaments.



A) Misconduct:

Any player assessed a penalty 10 minutes for misbehavior will be ejected for the current game only. He can play at the next game.

B) Major Penalty and Game Misconduct:

The player will automatically ejected for the current game and the next game and his case will be referred to the Discipline Committee for review of his case. On the second offense (major or game misconduct, the player shall be automatically suspended for the balance of the tournament and his case will be referred to the Discipline Committee for review of his case in future tournaments.

C) Any suspension imposed by the disciplinary committee of THPPQ are final and binding for the current tournament and the subsequent tournaments, depending on the nature of the imposed suspension. The official copy of these rules will be filed to the Chief Supervisor of referees and the head of the disciplinary committee of the "THPPQ". The official copy of the rules will be available for consultation with the Registrar. THPPQ hot committee Reserves the right to change the rules at any time in order to improve the quality of the tournament.



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